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  • Post published:April 28, 2020

Every discovery requires a ‘how’ to be done properly and effectively. A paraphrased excerpt from Apostle Paul’s teaching he said, ‘don’t you know that any race anyone runs, he only runs to get the prize?’

We are all in a race — life is a game, and we are all in this game, whether you like it or not. In the game of purpose, whoever engages it properly will WIN, you have to know that it is possible for all of us to win our individual race.

“Success is not enough reason to be alive. There’s more to being alive than material possessions, fame, and influence”.

Purpose is not optional, discovery and fulfilling purpose are core courses in the school of life. If you want to graduate into eternity you must pay attention to purpose. If your life will be meaningful, you must pay attention to purpose. Luxury is good, but purpose is bigger than luxury.

The greatest man who ever lived said: “life isn’t made or consists of just the things you possess.” Everything in life has a purpose, every person was born with a purpose, and has a purpose. And there’s a purpose for every designated purpose given, but no purpose is better, greater, or more important than another.

You shouldn’t live your life in envy, pain, or regret because you think someone else’s purpose is better than yours. Your purpose is the beauty of your life — purpose is the foundation of all things. Purpose is the original intent for the creation of all things, you were created to solve a need and until you find that need and solve it, you’ll not find fulfillment. Purpose is more important than properties; true success is not measured by your asset but by fulfilling your purpose. It is purpose that gives meaning to success.

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