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  • Post published:April 28, 2020

“Your ability and gift makes room for you, but it is your attitude and behavior that keeps you in that room” – Elisha Mamman.

Your skill, gifts, abilities etc are very powerful, but not as powerful as your behavior.

Your skill and gifts can bring you before great men, but what it takes to dine before kings takes more than skill or talents. What it takes is behavior!

Behavior is capable of giving you cheap access to Kings, but hope you know that having a behavior capable of giving certain access isn’t cheap? Not at all. It takes discipline, diligence, self control, humility to develop certain behaviors capable of making A NAME for you.

Your behavior is what determines whether you’ll stay in the same room as kings or not. Watch your behavior.

Becoming great and accessing greatness is a predominant talk and mindset held amongst the youths of our time- everyone wants to be great. Everyone wants to be related one way or the other with greatness. Everyone wants to be remembered for greatness. So what they do is, invest in their skill, hone their giftings, and do their best to make it profitable. But, one thing they forget to hone, one thing they forget to build, one thing they forget to pay attention to is their behavior!

Behavior is key to accessing greatness of all kind. Even in some cases, a good behavior can stand in the gap for the absence of certain skills. Never look down on the power of your behavior.

In your journey towards success, greatness, and influence, there’s a place and a role that can only be played by a skill that you possess, and there’s a role meant to be played by your behavior notwithstanding, find those roles and don’t neglect any.

A skill might bring you before greatness, but a behavior is what it takes to keep you before greatness and eventually become great your self.

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