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  • Post published:April 28, 2020

Entrepreneurship is a relationship. It is a relationship that exists between an entrepreneur and his enterprise. Entrepreneurship is what gives space to an entrepreneur to have a certain interaction with his entreprise and be able to make profit through it.

Entrepreneurship is a way to prosperity, but not the ONLY way to prosperity. An Entrepreneur is a person who shapes his or her own destiny, choosing the impact he or she makes and how he or she makes it. Entrepreneurs are people who do what they do basically for one reason which is to solve people’s problem.

What makes entrepreneurs different is the fact that, they know what they have, know and understand how it works and gainfully put in their time to solve the problems of others, thereby making profits.

An outstanding quality of any entrepreneur is their unique ability to identify problems and intentionally provide solutions to them. For each problem that exists, is an opportunity to be a problem solver and make profit.

While others see problems as insurmountable barriers; entrepreneurs see them as avenue to make profit.

As an entrepreneur, you are not limited by what you don’t have, but by what you have, and don’t know how to use, either because of laziness, lack of self awareness and ignorance.

If you must thrive as an entrepreneur, you must understand that, what you don’t have, you don’t need; this isn’t a call to be lazy but a call to value the presence of what you have and trust that it is capable of giving you the results that you truly desire.

Anything that doesn’t add profit to you, you don’t need. You might have it in your life, but you must never forget it’s place, in your life.

You can become an entrepreneur in these ways;
• By coincidence;
• by necessity &
• by passion.
A person who sees a problem is a Human Being, a person who finds the solution is visionary and the person who goes out and does something about it is the Entrepreneur.

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