5 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor (II)

  • Post published:August 31, 2020

In the last episode, I discussed 5 reasons why you need a mentor.

Although I have said it repeatedly, it bears rehashing: Getting the right mentor could be the difference between succeeding early or succeeding late with bruises to show. You may attribute your victory to the bruises you suffered but the truth is, many hurdles are unnecessary and having a mentor can save you years of trouble.

Mentorship comes in various forms but the idea is the same. It’s a platform, a relationship that allows you to ride on a mentor’s years of experience and wisdom. The goal is to get you to where you want to go without suffering the same hurdles your mentor went through. At least not all of it.

If you haven’t seen our first list yet, you can do so via the link at the end of this article. That said, let’s see 5 more reasons why you should have a mentor. 

1. You Need A Learning Compass

While it’s okay to be a autodidact, targeted learning will do you more that random jumbling of facts. As someone starting in life, there’s only so much you know about your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Most times, it takes an extra pair of eyes to point that to you.

A good mentor will show you your strengths and teach you to leverage them for good. A great mentor will teach you systems to help shore up your weaknesses. S/he will recommend the right books for you to read and also show you what to look out for. It’s not enough to learn everything. Your learning must be suited for every phase of your life.

2. You Need Their Warnings

The world of business and career is teeming with pitfalls. If you are just starting—whether in business or career—some loopholes are meant to sweep you down face flat. Some falls may take you time to recover.

Why suffer the fall when a mentor could warn you out of it. The beauty of guidance is, it saves you bruises so that you have enough strength to stand when the unavoidable battles come. Statistics reveal that 70% of business owners with mentors survive the first five critical years of business.

When you tally that with the thousands of businesses that fail annually, you start to get the full picture of why you need a mentor.  A mentor will offer you guidance and insight on what steps to take and what to avoid altogether.

3. Your Chances for Success Increases

A 2013 study revealed that over 80% of successful CEOs have received mentorship in one form or the other. The same study also revealed that over 93% of startup entrepreneurs agree that mentorship was critical to their business success. The combination of quality advice, accountability, exposure to opportunities and guidance sets you up for success.

4. You Will Save A Lot of Money

Let’s get this straight. Your mentor is not always going to offer you doses of information for free. There will be times when you must pay to take your mentor’s course or buy his/her material. However, the investment you’re making will save you lots of business and career mistakes—which would’ve cost you more money.

You don’t have to learn all your lessons by losing money and time. A great mentor will offer you insights that will save you losses. Through their guidance, you will make much more from your investment than you would’ve done on your own.

5. Mentors Can Call You to Order

The biggest enemy of your success is not an ailing economy or a government that cares less about you. The biggest enemy to your success is you. It takes humility to admit that.

This is why you need someone to call you to order when your judgement gets clouded. Your friends could also deceive you into believing you have it all figured out but a mentor will snap you out of your reverie and bring you back to order.

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No one outgrows the need to be guided. If this is your first time on earth, you cannot spend it guessing. Find someone who has been there, done that and is willing and able to hold your hands through the journey. 

Which of these five lessons hit home for you? Please share in the comments.

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