3 Mindsets You Must Embrace for Peak Performance

  • Post published:March 30, 2021

Your mindset is a “a collection of beliefs that molds your thoughts, perceptions and habits. Your perceptions drive how you think, feel and do.” Your mindset influences your life. It forms how you see and treat yourself. Never discount your thoughts. Your thoughts are powerful. They run your life. King Solomon said, “for as he thinketh in his heart so is he”.

Bob proctor said, “Thoughts are things.” That is, whatever you hold in your mind will eventually appear in your hands. Carol Dweck, mother of the mindset movement, puts it this way, “Our mind shapes what lies behind us, before us and within us”. Everything outside you is aligning to what works within you. Your mindset is powerful.

To change anything in your life, you must first change how you think about that thing. Until that happens, you may never see sustainable change.

For every goal you want to achieve, there is a mindset to adopt. Likewise, if you want health, wealth or blissful relationships, there is a mindset that supports that. If you don’t have it, you’ll struggle. Here are 3 of the mindsets, or better still, mindshifts, that changed my life. They can change yours too.

1. An Abundance Mindset over a Scarcity Mindset

A scarcity mindset believes that resources are limited while an abundance mindset believes that everything is abundant.

It believes that there are enough resources and relationships for you to succeed. If you must become successful in every wise, you must believe that there is space for you in this life. You must agree that there are more resources available to you now. Your belief doesn’t make it true. It only helps you appreciate what’s there.

The abundance mindset believes that there are more resources out there for you than you can number. This inspires you to be creative and spread your proverbial net to catch your share of the abundance around you.

2. A Positive Mindset over a Negative Mindset

These two mindsets are perhaps the most dominant of all. While a positive mindset sees possibilities everywhere, a negative mindset sees only problems.

Life will not always present you with sweet juices. Sometimes it’ll give you the bitterest of limes. You can either complain or make lemonade out of it. A positive mindset helps you see solutions to problems.

People with a positive mindset spend more of their energy birthing solutions than they do dwelling on problems. They ask, “What can I do to change or improve this situation?”

They believe that every problem has a solution, every question has an answer. They also believe that every problem is an opportunity waiting to be tapped. To become successful, you must consistently choose a positive mindset over a negative one.

3. A Growth Mindset over a Fixed Mindset

People with a fixed mindset believe that they are who they are and they cannot be better than they currently are. They also believe that attributes such as intelligence are fixed and therefore cannot be improved.

Folks with this kind of mindset believe that success is a result of talent, connections and family history. Therefore, they don’t bother to learn and grow. While these factors play a role in our eventual success, they are not the only determinants.  People with a fixed mindset believe that talent alone is enough to succeed.

However, people with a growth mindset believe that we can improve our abilities. They believe that, through hard work and dedication, they can refine their abilities for greater value. This enables them to learn and build the required resilience for great feats.

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If you want to make any notable stride today, adopt these 3 mental shifts. Which of these transitions are you making now? Let me know in the comments.

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