It is better to dress your mind with designed thoughts than to dress your body with designer clothes  — Elisha Mamman.



Your mind is the gateway for creating possibilities, empower it. Give it a reason to produce the result you want. Dress your mind with contents, powerful enough to cause transformation in your life.

What do you dress your mind with?
What is your mind exposed to? What do you feed your mind?

Since your mind is the path through which possibility and impossibility flow. How do you keep it? Do you keep and nurture it, in such a way that it can be of true benefit to you, or in such a way that causes unproductivity?

It is better to focus on equipping your mind, which is capable of creating an effect that would make you look more attractive than to focus on your appearance so much but has no transformative effect on your mind, and who you become.

You equip your mind by;

• Studying the right contents:

Studying isn’t just about taking any and every book you see and read. You need to study the right contents for the right effect to be created in your life. Considering the vision you have, are you studying books that are capable of taking you there? Considering the kind of life you want to lead, are you studying books, capable of creating that kind of life?


• Observation:

Learn to observe the way of life of others who have been able to attain certain heights that you admire. What do they do first when they wake in the morning, funny, yeah? How do they think? What knowledge conditions their living? Not everything will be taught to you. You need to learn to observe in order to learn more than you know already.


• Recognizing your strength and weakness:

Is it possible that by recognizing your strengths and weakness you equip your mind? Yes, it is. When you know what/where you are actively driven by, and where you can’t perform effectively, you’ll be able to focus and give your best at it. Your mind needs something to focus on, find your strength and let your mind focus on becoming better at it, and find a way also to curb the effect of your weaknesses.


• Rewarding yourself for every level of success attained:

Rewarding yourself for every level of success attained is needful for your mind. Doing this helps your mind feel a sense of accomplishment, it is just like saying congratulation for a job, well done. Then you keep working towards achieving more and more results. Do this, and watch how productive you will become.


• Knowing, duplicating and reinventing ‘how’ you produce your results:

Your mind works better in producing more results when you teach it to know ‘how’ the result was produced. In order to duplicate it over and over again, and if by any means or for any reason your system for producing results fails, you reinvent. You find another means and go all over the process, again.


These are just some tips that can help equip your mind, to become more productive. Never stop equipping your mind. It is powerful to create any result you put it into work for. Remain diligent in what you do, in your thoughts for growth and development, in your efforts in keeping a productive relationship, in all that you do. Diligence makes you stand before men that matter, and someday makes you a man that matter.

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