8 Principles that guaranteed my success in life

The Business of Life is a result of over 20 years of consistent growth in the life of Elisha Mamman.

He exposes the principles that guided his intentional rise from the rue of lack to a place of influence.


In his words: 

“I discovered at one point in my life that WHAT I KNOW AND USE can change my life.
So I began to USE what I KNOW, I SOUGHT NEW INFORMATION ABOUT MYSELF, SUCCESS AND MONEY. I knew that if I was to ever experience anything different from what I am use to, which was LACK AND PAIN SERVED WITH SHAME, I must know better and do better.
As I traveled through life, I discovered truly that LIFE was fair to all men because we all were born with all we need to live life to the fullest.
It wasn’t about the condition or environment we were born into but it’s about the condition and environment that is born inside of us.
Today I have become better not because I was born into it but because something was born inside me.
Many asked me how all these happened and I decided to pen down the key points of what I learnt on the way to creating the life I desire from the life that was available to me .
The life you have now may not be the one you desire but what you were given trust me, is all you need.
Like me, you can rewrite how your story would be told.
This book is a compilation of the principles that guided my journey.”


The Business of Life is a goldmine for everyone ready to achieve great things, break limitations and exceed expectations in Life, Business and finances.

It is a guide to personal growth and significance, rich in time-tested principles for effective and intentional living.

Your life is a business. You can either make profit or suffer loss. You choose.

— Understand the concept of life as a business

— Learn the secret of taking responsibility

— Recognize the place of people and relationships

— Master the force of discipline

— Validate the place of work

— Maximize your life, business and finances



As a John C. Maxwell certified coach, public speaker and trainer, Elisha Mamman has an average of over 100 speaking engagements annually. He is recognized as one of the most sought after inspirational speaker in Northern Nigeria and a force in Leadership, Success and the Winning Mindset. He is a TEDx speaker and has also facilitated several training sessions for companies and institutions.

He is the Convener of The Winning Mindset, a platform committed to inspiring possibilities, initiating dreams and birthing realities in Lives. This event reaches over 600 youths monthly, with an online reach of over 2000 followers. 

Elisha Mamman is married to Chinonso Mamman, the CEO of Noneli Crafty Cakes, a Nigeria based confectionary company, and together they have a son, David Destiny Mamman.

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