Focus is  fertilizer, anything you put it on, grows.
– Elisha Mamman.


What you put your focus on is determined by what your passion is and what you want to achieve, that is, the goal and result which you have at heart to accomplish – Focus is like fertilizer, anything you put it on grows.

It was Zig Ziglar who said lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hours a day.



If you must succeed in life, if you must become relevant in your field, if you must grow as you should, you must come to understand how powerful and effective you can be once you become ruggedly focused – focus is being blind to your distractions; a distraction is simply an attraction that breaks your focus.

Do not be distracted, stay focused.


The level of success you can attain or the level of expertise you will scale is strongly determined by how focused your effort is towards it – anything that can break your focus is after your success.


While winners focus on their goals, losers focus on winners – what makes the difference between the two sets is that a winner knows what he truly wants, he puts optimum focus on it and strives till he achieves it, but on the other hand, a loser puts his focus on him instead of trying to win or to be better at his game.

Focus is what makes the difference. You have the capability to win when you are focused on the right object of attraction. Not everything deserves your attention – why many people, would never attain any significant level of success is because they want to do so many things at the same time.

The ability you possess is capable of producing a success out of you, but it takes focus for ability to be effective. Just because you one way’ something is done doesn’t mean, there are no other ways that thing can be done. Focus helps you seek for more, makes you want to know and be more, and creates a room for you to excel more.

Sometimes, you don’t fail because you lack the ability to do, but because you lack the focus to stay, persevere and remain consistent until your goal is achieved. Focus takes you to the extra mile, causes you to remain consistent and gives you the strength to persevere until your result is produced.

Stay focused.



• Focus is power
• Focus brings light
• Focus brings increase
• Focus brings energy
• Consistency and patience are a function of focus
• Focus brings maximum clarity
• Focus grows anything; your skill, wealth, health, mind, anything you put it into.
• Do not focus on anything you don’t want to have.
• Focus produces results
• Winners focus on their goals, losers focus on winners.

There’s so much you can be, there are so many possibilities that exist in being focused, you need to become focused in order to achieve your goals.

Achieving your goals isn’t always about putting so much effort but about strategically enforcing your focused effort into your object of attraction.

Focus is fixing your attention on a course until you arrive at its end. Become focused, to lead a focused and intentional life of results.

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