Foundations for leadership



There are certain foundations on which leadership is built on, below are some of them:

Vision: The number one foundation of leadership is Vision. Every world class leader in history had a Vision. Leaders from Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, etc. They had a vision of the way the world should look like and they held on to that vision even through some of them had to lay down their life for that vision

Every leadership is based on a vision. A leader cannot lead without a vision. Vision is what separates managers from leaders. The first step to becoming a leader is to have a vision. The next step is getting others to buy into that vision.

Character: Character is everything. Character is who you are even if people think otherwise. Whether people are watching or not but especially when people are not watching.

It is key that a leader be of good character. A leader must have integrity. Integrity is being honest and uncompromising to your morals and values. Integrity comes from integer meaning whole or complete which implies a person of integrity should have consistency of character, should be true to his/her word.
In order to build trust between a leader and follower, the leader must show Integrity. World-class leaders were known for their uncompromising stand on character and virtue.

Service: In other to lead, you must serve. A leader is meant to serve the purpose of his followers.  Leadership is service, service is the ability to make things easier for other people. Service is about using what you have i.e. time, money, etc. to help others make progress in their lives.

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