If there was a way to get the things you want in life, would you take it?

So many people work hard only to end up with nothing.

People have several jobs… Some even make some money, but still never feel fulfilled.

Others have something but it’s not what they desire.

They have concluded that what they desire is not accessible, so they stick to only what is available.


What if I tell you there is a way you can have what You desire and have it when you desire it ?


Would you be interested in knowing how?

The goal-setting masterclass is an intensive and practical session that exposes how to set EFFECTIVE and ACHIEVABLE personal and corporate GOALS.

Everyone can be great but not everyone will be great. CHOOSE.

A resolution is mostly a wish, but a resolve is a decision.
Year by year, people make new year resolutions and start working towards it in January.
Gradually February passes by and it still seems “early in the year”
Then March, October, November… and another year is gone.
At the end of the year you can not really list out the things you have actually achieved.
You have so much knowledge but no reality.
You know you can be better and have better… but you don’t have it.
There is an opportunity to change your narrative this year.
Reserve your slot now.

DATE: 11TH MAY, 2018



Understanding Success and Goals

The art of Goalsetting

Why people do not reach their goals

Types of Goals

Why set goals?

The P's and B's of Goalsetting

How to set Goals
(EMI system)

How to attract your goals


Individuals who want predictable success in their life, finances, academics, business and career.
This is an intensive session structured to create results through practicable and experience-based goal setting.



Elisha Mamman is a coach, leadership trainer and goal-setting expert.
He is a John C. Maxwell’s certified Speaker and Coach, an Entrepreneur and a
highly sought after Motivational Speaker with core focus on Personal Leadership,
Development and Transformation.
He is the CEO of Noneli Integrated Services Limited and Noneli Properties and
Investment Limited.
He is the Convener of The Winning Mindset, a platform committed to inspiring
possibilities, initiating dreams and birthing realities in Lives. This event reaches over 600 youths monthly, with an online reach of over 2000 followers. Several Individuals and Businesses have received grants and rewards for excellence on this platform. It is the fastest growing motivational platform in Northern Nigeria.

Elisha Mamman is married to Chinonso Mamman, the CEO of Noneli Crafty Cakes, a Nigeria based confectionary company, and together they have a son, David Destiny Mamman.
In his leisure time, he enjoys reading, talking to young people, playing tennis, and


Niyi Soyinka is a Polymath. He is a chartered personnel manager and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) as well as the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM). He holds an MBA with specialty in Human Resource management.

Niyi has several years of experience in the banking industry.
He has facilitated training for members of Staff of Federal capital development agency (FCDA), Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FABN) among others on subjects that include Customer Service, Performance Management, Team Building, etc. He is in high demand as a trainer, Leadership/life coach, success catalyst.
He hosts two weekly radio broadcasts on Invicta FM 98.9 and KASU FM 98.5 targeted at motivating and inspiring people to discover, develop and deploy their potential.

He is a TEDx curator and Kaduna State’s co-ordinator of GEMSTONE.


Choose how you want to be a part of this


One-time Payment (30$ Discount)

10,000 7,000
  • One follow-up call from Elisha Mamman
  • Minimum of two professional pictures
  • Access to the exclusive goal-setting mailing list
  • 3 private calls access
  • Networking and Community support


Polaris bank
Elisha Mamman international


Email: goalsetting@elishamamman.com
Phone: +2348102945338

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