Personal growth bundle

7-part practical guide by Elisha Mamman to grow your life, impact, and influence
starting from where you are, day by day.

What do you want from life?

Is it money? a family? fame? 

Do you desire peace, solutions to the current hardships you face or clarity on what to do next?

Do you want to sustain the level you have attained and go upwards from here?

Whatsoever you want, there is a word that can bring it to you.

That word is GROWTH,

I know this because I have been there.

In 2002 I had to wash and iron almost 100 pieces of cloth to raise N5,000 for my brother to travel to school.

I didnt Start Life getting the things I wanted. I always got what someone else gives me which most time is what is left from what they have.
What I ate, what I wore, where I went – these were not what I wanted but what I was given from what was available.
I was grateful always but I knew I was meant for MORE.
In 2006, I was 29yrs old but i had not achieved anything with my life – broke, unmarried, frustrated.
I wanted better than that but how do I get it?
In 2007, December, things began to change for me and I started the journey that has made given me a life of options.
It is my lessons and experience from over 15 years of Growth that I have compiled for you in this bundle.
Take out time and go through, module by module, ready to learn but also willing to practice.

Whatsoever you want, there is a word that can bring it to you.

That word is GROWTH.

This bundle is for you if...

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Real stories. Real transformation

Mr. Elisha Mamman helped build the version of me that is excelling today. He taught me the life principles in goalsetting, financial management, and leadership that has set me apart. I have gone ahead to work with international and multinational organizations, create impact, and become an ambassador of Growth.
Fii Stephen
Growth Marketing Manager
I got a principle from his book "The business of Life" and I have seen more than 1,000% growth in my personal and business life. Using his strategies, I've gone forward to host free and paid classes that has seen more than 5,000 persons trained online in copywriting and freelancing. My personal development masterclass has seem more than 500 mentees. I have also written 3 books in the course of this year alone.
Emmanuel Akpe
Copywriter & Trainer

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What is Inside the Personal Growth Bundle?


The Business of Life

Learn the strategies for approaching life as a business and becoming profitable in your journey.


Personal Growth

Learn the principles and systems to grow yourself consistently in an ever-evolving world.


Personal Development

Get a framework for personal development that you can implement in your life for measurable results.


Personal Goal Setting

Learn how to set effective personal goals and achieve them.


Personal Finance

Learn a framework to enable you make, manage, and multiply money.


Personal Leadership

Get the structure to enable you inspire action and lead yourself to personal greatness.


Become a Person of Value

Learn the systems to build yourself up as a person of value.

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What others are saying about Elisha Mamman

Real stories. Real transformation

Stephen Angbulu

State House Correspondent & Columnist

Precious Chika

Social Media Manager and Events Consultant

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Elisha Mamman

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More Growth Experiences

Real stories. Real transformation

Being mentored by Elisha Mamman has been a gamechanger and infact, a "life changer" for me. I have been exposed to superior mindsets that has powered the person I am becoming. From a young girl not sure of what to do to a Generation17 Young Leader at United Nations Development Programme - UNDP
Efe Johnson
United Nations Gen17 Fellow
I knew there was more for me but did not know the principles that can help me achieve them. Elisha Mamman has helped me become even more excellent in my work and given me a community of people who are on the saem growth journey.
Daniel George
Lead Designer, Azariah Media

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The Personal Growth Bundle covers a range of critical life and personal skills including personal development, goal setting, financial management, leadership, and more, all designed to move you towards a life of success and fulfillment.

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