Attitudes that guide our behaviour



Life is a business 
and your business is your responsibility. 
It can’t be transferred or delegated.
It can only be made profitable by its possessor.
Nothing worthwhile can happen in your life without your active participation.
You are the only constant factor in the equation of success.
“Your Life is Your business”



No matter who you are, who you will become will be determined by what you do to and for people..
What you do about the people around you will determine the rewards and the pains you will have.
Show love, respect, support and care to people.
Treat them right.



Life is a trade 
Life is about give and take 
Life is about giving and receiving 
“In Life what you receive is determined by what you give”
Everything worthwhile in life comes through an exchange 
Including your salvation 
“Whatever you want in life requires something you have already”



Life is about service.
For whichever of you wants to be great let him be the least.
You are born to serve 
“No matter who you are or what you are Service is the key to your next level”
Every purpose requires service 
“Whatever you want to trade must be served”
“Service is the way to greatness”



Life is about expectation 
Surely there is an End 
And the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut short.
You can’t live life without Hope 
You must live with Hope 
Tomorrow is intended to be better 
Tomorrow is meant to take you ahead 
You must live with expectation
Never live in fear but live in expectation for what you desire 



Life doesn’t get better by chance but by Work
No garden becomes beautiful without cultivation 
The garden of your life is a gift but the cultivation is your responsibility.
Cultivate your life 
Cultivate your mind 
Cultivation create beauty and fruitfulness.
Make your life beautiful.



You can’t attain the kind of height you desire in Life without diligence 
Seeth a man diligent in his business, He will stand before Kings not mean men..
If you become Diligent in the business of your life you will attract Kings.
Love your life and work on it dilligently.



Discipline is a force of change and impact 
Anything you want out of Life will demand discipline 
Discipline is the ability to give yourself an order and obey that order. 
If you are wise and you lack discipline you will be called a fool
I beat my body to bring it under subjection so after I have preached to others I myself will not be a castaway

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