The reason why many would seldom have anything worthwhile is that they focus more on the vacations they want to go, the cars they want to drive, the houses they want to buy and live in, etc, rather than the process that would lead to having those things.

“If you follow the process, the result will follow you.” – Elisha Mamman.

Process is a path that can lead you to any destination. The path you chose to follow will determine what you’ll have at the end.

Neglecting personal development and personal growth is a process.

Ignoring your giftings and not working on them to become better, is a process too. What do you think the end would be?

When you chose to take your personal growth seriously, you work on yourself and do what you ought to do, it is also a process that leads to an end – a more productive end than the former.

The results you want to have lies in the process.

Being in haste proves one thing – lack of faithfulness. And when you lack faithfulness in your work, you’d find it really hard to make anything reasonable out of it.

Pay attention to your process.




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