What Leadership Means

What Leadership Means

Leadership involves movement. It is consciously taking people from one point, level, stage, or/and paradigm to another. Leadership first happens within before manifesting in the outside world. It is about INFLUENCE.

Therefore, you need to lead yourself first, before leading others.

The most difficult person to lead is yourself. To become a successful leader, and to be able to lead yourself effectively and productively well, you must overcome self first; before leading others.

In order to become a good and influential leader, you must learn to focus on the things you can control internally. Giving attention to the things you can control such as your emotions, your thoughts, etc… helps you become more aware and secure.

You place yourself in a serious dilemma when you focus your energy and attention on things you cannot control.


You don’t need a front position to take a front decision. Therefore, you don’t need a position or a title to lead.

• To add growth in your organization you must raise followers.

• To multiply growth in your organization you must raise leaders



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